Hunting knife Tartessus

Hunting knife TartessusHunting knife Tartessus
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  • Hunting knife Tartessus
  • Hunting knife Tartessus

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CA 5025

Tartessos was the name by which the Greeks knew the first civilization to Western thought. This civilization developed in the triangle formed by the provinces of Huelva, Seville and Cadiz, on the southwest coast of Spain, during the Late Bronze and early Iron Age (1200 BC to 900 BC). The name of this civilization comes from the name given to the river Guadalquivir (Tartessus).

This knife can be used in many areas and for various activities, but its main uses can highlight the hunting and survival.

Stainless steel type Mova 58 Hrc

  • Longitud de la hoja: 146 mm
  • Peso: 300 gr
  • Grueso de la hoja: 5 mm
  • Medida total 277 mm
  • Ancho de hoja 42 mm


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