Hunting Knife Erroi

Hunting Knife ErroiHunting Knife Erroi
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CA 5011

Pit effect thanks to the curvature of the handle sheet on which the power stroke is accomplished
wrist. Also thanks to the curved shape of the sheet and the weight of this due to its thickness.
The knife is sharp, double-edged and is located on the axis of the weapon; its thickness and the steel quality (mv-58 double heat treatment) additionally confers great resistance.
To fulfill its duties optimally have the following proportions:
Total length: 33 cm.
Handle length: 13 cm.
Handle Width: 3 cm
Handle Thickness: 2 cm.
Blade length: 20 cm.
Sheet width:
• In its widest part (concave bevel): 4.5 cm
• At its narrowest part (convex bevel): 3 cm
Blade thickness: 5mm
To the steel sheet has been used high strength molybdenum vanadium (mv-58) and micarta (cotton press fabric Oberlands) for the handle. The latest and best materials for knives of this type and class.
Knife Party:
The knife is manufactured from one piece of steel (integral) with holes in the handle where to put the nails to attach the handles.
1. The handle is made of micarta, somewhat curved downwards. The front of the handle has an ergonomic curvature to improve the grip of the fingers and wrist snap.
2. High Grip Zone: The handle has the possibility of a high grip for all cutting tasks and defense. Thus has a depression for receiving the index finger.
3. Area under grip: The handle also has a low grip, which would be ideal for weeding, machete or logging.
4. Pomo hammer: the handle has a distal projection of steel or webbing leash hole. Striker would be used to split, crack or scratch, for which also has a grooved.
5. The sheet also curved to improve performance pit, has nevertheless a point located on the axis of the weapon, allowing thrusting. To maximize the effect of pit edge has a curvature, distinguishing between a proximal edge and a distal portion of the pit where weight is downloaded. Moreover the tip of the gun is available for use as a rapier.
6. narrow proximal Filo: aimed at cutting tasks.
7. Filo distal width: works like a hatchet ranger; intended to cut.
8. Scraper: the back presents dentures used as a scraper (scaling fish, get tinder, etc.), or to make fire with fire steel rod.
9. Hawk: protect the finger while the cutting edge is used.
Parties to the case:
  The case also has been designed by the author and incorporates some features that improve the performance of the knife without being a shred of personality to the whole.
1. Tahalí inclined to facilitate holsters.
2. fastening strap with safety clasp.
3. pocket to bring the grindstone.
4. leash hole.
5. Porta fire steel.
6. Depression to carry sling.
7. pocket on the back to add a skinner, harpoon fishing line and hooks, etc

  • Longitud de la hoja: 20 cm
  • Peso: 440 gr
  • Grueso de la hoja: 5 mm
  • Medida total 33 cm


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